Check out our review of the forced proximity and single parent contemporary romance Mr. Perfect on Paper by Jean Meltzer. You don’t want to miss this one! A great beta hero, centered around online dating but actually finding what you’re looking for right in front of you.

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Book cover: Mr. Perfect on Paper by Jean Meltzer

Mr. Perfect on Paper
by Jean Mealtzer

Released: August 9, 2022
387 Pages | ebook

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Dara Rabinowitz might be a third generation matchmaker and the super successful creator and CEO of J-Mate – the largest online platform for Jewish dating – but deep down, she’s lonely and her family knows it. So when Dara and her grandmother go on a daytime TV show to talk about J-Mate, her grandmother can’t help but air Dara’s list of everything she’s looking for in a perfect Jewish husband. Seeing an opportunity for a ratings boost, anchorman Chris Steadfast talks Dara into letting them film her search for Mr. Perfect on Paper. But the more time Dara spends with the very not-Jewish Chris, the more she begins to question her list and everything she thought she was looking for in a husband.

I found so much to like about Mr. Perfect on Paper by Jean Meltzer. The first thing that made an impression on me is how Dara’s faith is portrayed and discussed throughout the book. I’m not Jewish, but I feel like Meltzer wrote about the Jewish faith in a way that is both understandable yet not too simplistic. Definitions and rituals were seamlessly worked into the plot, easy to glance over if you’re already familiar with the terms but helpful to those who are not. Dara’s faith was so important to her, and I was glad that Meltzer balanced elaborating on the religion for those who aren’t familiar without making it too instructive for those who are.

the premise

The overall premise of Mr. Perfect on Paper was just fun to watch play out. Dara’s list was seemingly impossible to find; she had everything covered from profession to height. This list, coupled with Dara’s meddling bubbe and her anxiety disorder, ensured a wild ride for our female main character. Our male main character, Chris, had just as fascinating of a story as Dara. Still dealing with recent loss and raising his daughter as a single parent, Chris worries his current attempts at stability aren’t enough in fast-paced New York City.

I felt for Chris right from the beginning. Brought together by chance and stuck together through mutual desperation, both Chris and Dara were two lonely souls that I was increasingly glad fell into each others’ paths. Even though I could only identify with one of the main characters on a religious level, I found both MCs to be compelling and relatable. I appreciated that Meltzer could educate me on the Jewish faith without taking me out of the story or making Dara someone too different for me to relate to.

in conclusion

Mr. Perfect on Paper was educational and entertaining. Even when I couldn’t directly relate to the main characters’ issues, I still found the characters relatable. While undoubtedly it had plenty of Jewish content, I would recommend this book to those both of the faith and not. Mr. Perfect on Paper deals so well with the secular emotions of love after grief and pushing past your own limitations.

Meltzer created a sometimes funny, sometimes heartwarming love story that goes beyond what you think you want and explores what you truly need.

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Mr. Perfect on Paper by Jean Meltzer Book Review
Book Review Mr. Perfect on Paper by Jean Meltzer
Book Review: Mr. Perfect on Paper by Jean Meltzer

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