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“It’s packed full of light fun and it’s incredibly sweet.”
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What a fun ride this was!  Roman Crazy had everything I look for in a summer read.  It’s packed full of light fun and it’s incredibly sweet.  Our heroine, Avery, finds her perfect society husband having sex with his secretary.  After filing for divorce and while trying to pick up the pieces left of her life, a life she had entirely devoted to being his wife, she needs time to find who she is again.  And she does that by visiting her best friend living in Italy.  What she didn’t expect was to find the one man she truly ever loved and left behind there.

If you love to read a book and be completely transported to another place, then ROMAN CRAZY is the book for you.  The setting came to life within these pages, the feelings of the people and the places slowly transformed our heroine, and we saw it all through her eyes.  I LOVED that about this book and I honestly can’t wait to see more of it in the next one in the series.

The story doesn’t have to jump through too many hoops.  It’s a straightforward second chance at love story that will make you fall in love, both then and now.  We get small glimpses into what Marcello and Avery really meant to each other when they were nothing but kids (ok they were in college, but still) and it’s a great contrast to who they are now.  Some things they lost along the way that they need to regain.  But the chemistry between them hasn’t changed and you can feel it all the way.  It also made for a stronger connection in such a short amount of time because those deep feelings never went away.

But aside from the romance, and the sexy as hell Italian hero, I really enjoyed Avery’s journey to find herself again.  She spent so many years in the shadow of a man who wasn’t right for her, and she kept putting her wants aside until they were buried.  The journey of rediscovery for her was nice to experience and it shines a light on the importance of always doing what makes you happy and fulfills your soul.  Never changing for another person.  Becoming independent again.  And letting loose some.

There many adorable moments in this book that put a smile on my face.  It’s definitely a feel good, sexy romance and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Favorite Quotes:

“We could all use a little vroom-vroom in our day-to-day lives.”

“Marcello looked every bit like my greatest love and my biggest regret.”




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  1. Now I REALLY want a read this one. My dream is to visit Italy (and my son insists that we move there, not to Canada, if Trump somehow becomes president). However, the book is a bit pricey for my budget so I’ll have to wait for the price to drop. But definitely adding this to my mountainous TBR pile!