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“It’ll be interesting to see just how deep Foster will go to bring out the best in her characters.”
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SISTERS IN LOVE is the first book in the Snow Sisters series. Melissa Foster has many different series and what’s so cool about them is that every one of them offers something different. So far, from all the Foster books I’ve read, none of them are the same and yet, they all contain the wonderful qualities that I love in my Contemporary Romance reads. The Snow Sisters as you can guess follows sisters. In this particular book, Danica Snow is a therapist. Now if you’ve read any of my other reviews before than you’re already probably familiar with the fact that I have a background in Psychology and I often find that books don’t capture the job right. However, Foster does a good job of keeping true to real life and I had to respect that. In addition to that, Danica is also a part of a Big Sister Program. This puts her right in the middle of a troubled teens life as her mother undergoes rehab for alcoholism. While I enjoyed the romance of this book, I have to say that the real winner for me is the fact that Foster is able to integrate such real life issues into this novel and still manage to make light of it. Somehow, there’s an emotional and even inspirational quality to it.

And no one gets it more than the hero of the story, Blake Carter. Blake is your typical player. He goes through women every night and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. His best friend constant bugs him about it but how can a man like Blake suddenly stop his way? Well, when a tragic event hits Blake, his world turns upside down and suddenly, he is starting to question everything. Even himself. And that’s really when we discover more about his character.

The psychoanalysis in this book fits perfectly with Danica’s day job. In the beginning, Foster presents her characters one way and then as the book goes on, we discover that there are more layers beneath. The characterization of this book is unbelievable. We learn what’s true and what is not. We learn that sometimes it has to get hard before it gets easier. And we learn that we are not alone in the world. That there are people out there who can help, whether it be friends or family or even professionals. This book goes deeper than your regular romance and may even invite you to question your own life and relationships. But I think that’s a good thing. It’s not every day that you come across a book that has the ability to make you think quite like this one has.

I can see some readers complaining that the romance takes a backseat but I think it’s more believable this way. Blake undergoes some serious stuff in this book and he needed the time to sort through that before he could have any relationship with Danica. There’s also the fact that Danica is his therapist that stands in the way. But Foster makes it work and not only does she deliver a believable romance but it’s a thoughtful one as well.

The next book in the series is set up well. I’m looking forward to reading Kaylie’s story and see what she decides to do with her own life now that she isn’t alone. It’ll be interesting to see just how deep Foster will go to bring out the best in her characters.




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