“I can finally understand all the hype around this series. It’s certainly unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.”
~ Under the Covers

First off, I will start by saying that this world is a complex one and it’s one that you don’t see often in Young Adult fiction. It’s set in Prague, a place that doesn’t featured much in the genre but I think that’s what makes this series so unique.

Second of all, our heroine, Karou, is a very mysterious character. She’s an artist and every time she sketches, something strange occurs. She is somehow able to speak many languages and also, her bright hair actually grows out of her head in that color. However, stranger things are happening when handprints are appearing all over doorsteps.

This book doesn’t feel so much as a YA book because of its writing style. I feel like Taylor wrote on a mature level and I can easily think that adults could love this series just as much as young teens can. But when I say that strange things happen in this series, I really mean it. It’s hard to categorize this series under a special supernatural creature because there are so many out of the ordinary things happen here. One reader I was speaking to told me that she thought the series was too bizarre for her. I can understand that but there’s no doubt that Taylor’s creativity is off the charts.

I did, however, have one negative thing to say about this book. I felt that it took a very long time to really set up the story in the beginning. There was a lot of introducing Karou with her friends, etc but I felt like what we learned about her then didn’t really affect who she became in the story. Even though I listened to the audiobook version, I still felt that the pacing was all over the place. I could’ve easily summed up a handful of chapters in a couple of sentences rather than have it drag on too much. Nevertheless, I can finally understand all the hype around this series. It’s certainly unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.




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  1. I’m 47 years young and Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy still remains one of the very best series I’ve read. The writing in itself is beautiful. If you did this story in audio, do yourself a huge favor and read the books, they are spectacular. I will read everything and anything this author writes.