“This was an enjoyable and quite fast read for me, even though it may not go to the top of my favorites.”
~ Under the Covers

I have read other stories in the Invitation to Eden series and this was not quite what I was expecting.  Although it makes sense where the story goes because it stays true to the Dare to Love series.  In this instance, Eden is an exclusive island resort where Gabriel Dare is looking to expand to.  Using this opportunity to get the girl he’s been fantasizing about for a long while, but all that while she was taken.

Isabelle was in a bad relationship. Her submissive nature was abused and her confidence was on the floor.  When she finally makes the decision to leave her boyfriend, he leaves her pretty much on the street, all thanks to that all controlling nature of their relationship.  And Gabe comes to the rescue immediately.  She’s known him for a while, but never as more than an acquaintance.  And he is pretty out of her league.

I struggle with this type of story because here we have a woman who needs time to get in the right mindframe after coming from this type of relationship in order to jump into a true submissive position with a very dominating alpha male.  And Gabe needs that.  As much as Isabelle wanted to give it, I couldn’t quite buy it at times.  At least, past the physical.  It was a bit of him being completely obsessed with having her, and she wasn’t sure where she belong so she was easily swayed in his direction.  Overpowered.

That being said, their chemistry is pretty hot, and I was excited to see more of the Dare family.  This is a shorter story so I think it was an ok read for the page count, but I would’ve liked to see it developed a bit better, and given time to Isabelle to really stand on her own two feet.

This was an enjoyable and quite fast read for me, even though it may not go to the top of my favorites.  And I am ready for those Dare females to get their HEAs but I think I still have some way to go for that.

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