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Pride was excellent, so good … I couldn’t stop reading”
~ Under the Covers

When I started reading this series I was told that I would have to put up with the first few days as the last four were completely worth it. Now, I slightly disagree with this; I really liked the first two books, but now I am past reading the ‘duds’ and am on to the good stuff… I can kind of see what people mean. Pride was excellent, so good that once I finished, unlike with the first two books, I couldn’t stop reading and managed to devour the rest of the series in a couple of days.

This means I am reviewing this retrospectively knowing exactly what happens next, so if I apologise now if I give anything away about what happens past Pride! In this book Faythe is on trial after accidentally turning her ex-boyfriend into a Stray and then having to kill him in self-defence, of course the Council see it in a different light; her deliberately turning her ex and then killing him to hide her mistake in judgment. And, unless she can convince the council of her side of the story, then the sentence is death. Of course, this isn’t all that is happening, a band of Strays are causing havoc and endangering the secrecy that holds the werecats safe.

Pride really was an edge of the seat kind of read, as the story develops you couldn’t help being drawn in to the story as you learnt more. With each revelation and event the plot got more intriguing as you wonder how exactly Faythe & co were going to handle it and still come out on top. And, what made me madly dash for the next book was they things didn’t always turn out as you wanted and expected them to, the good guys didn’t always end up on top.

What I really like about this series, and I think this book in particular demonstrates this quite well, was Faythe’s development as a character, in Stray the first book in the series she wasn’t always that likable. But as the books progress you see Faythe doing some growing up, see her think about the consequences of her actions and words, rather than act on instinct and emotions. Watching Faythe mature into her full potential is one of the things I like most about this series.

I am so glad I picked this series to start and finish in our Rollback Week, otherwise I would have really missed out on something fantastic. If you are a lover of UF with plenty of action, romance and plot then you need to give this series a try.



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  1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed this series. I always, always recommend this series to someone that is looking for something new in the UF genre. Rachel’s Unbound series. The world building is phenomenal.