Rock Chick Regret by Kristen Ashley heats up as Sadie Townsend, the Ice Princess, breaks away from her controlling father and turns to Hector Chavez for help. This installment stands out with its intense drama and the electric chemistry between Sadie and Hector.

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Rock Chick Regret by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick Regret by Kristen Ashley

Rock Chick #7
December 9, 2011

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  • Damsel in distress
  • Protector hero
  • Redemption arc

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Sadie Townsend is know as The Ice Princess, cold and efficient she never lets any of her feelings show, even though she longs to get out from under her father and lead her own life. She seizes the oppotunity Hector Chavez presents and starts feeding him information whilst he is undercover. Months later and her father is behind bars, but now she has a new problem with some crazy rivals of her father decides that she belongs to them, the only place she can think to turn to for protection in Nightingale Investigations and Hector, only they turn her down with dire consequences…

This is by far my favourite in the Rock Chick series. Although I loved the others this one really stands out as the best, when I thought about it, the two main reasons I believe it stands out are:

1: Hector & Sadie: There is always a certain amount of resistance from the Rock Chick and although this can be funny it does sometimes leave me wondering what the frick they are thinking. But with Rock Chick Regret Sadie had such heartbreaking and understandable reasons for pushing Hector away, and although you know in the words of the Borg that “Resistance is Futile” you can’t help but empathise with her. But, beyond that, they are just a fantastic couple, they fit really well together, both in an emotional and physical way.

2: The Tone: I think the tone of this book was a lot more serious then then others due to the seriously bad shit that had happened to Sadie. The action wasn’t as wacky and although I love a little but of wacky action, it was nice to see it toned down a little bit and I think the romance bloomed really nicely because of it.

This book is one of my favourite reads this year, it still had all teh characters I loved from the previous books bit for me it had a little extra that took it from really liking it, to loving it.

Ally’s book is next and it is the last book in the series! I really hope it is as good as this one!

Sorry Hank you have been knocked off the top spot and Hector is now my number one Hot Bunch guy!

Hot Bunch “Hotness”

1. Hector- Wild & Wicked
2. Hank- Guy Next Door with an Edge
3. Luke- Silent & Sexy
3. Mace- Intense & Broody
4. Vance- Knicker Meltingly Sexy
5. Eddie- Smouldering Mexican Bad Boy
6. Lee- Dashing & Dangerous

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  1. I love this series. This the next one on my list. Kirsten Ashley had become one of my favorite authors with the Dream Man Series. This series has not disappointed either.