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“Keri Lake’s Ripple Effect four episode series is dark, heartbreaking and absolutely riveting.”
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Note:  This review is for all four episodes of Ripple Effect.

Keri Lake’s Ripple Effect four episode series is dark, heartbreaking and absolutely riveting. From the start, Lake made sure readers understood how dark this novel will be and from the start, I was invested in seeing this book through. I can’t help but root for both Dylan and Ripley to get any kind of happy ending.

My heart absolutely broke for Dylan. Life has not dealt her a very good hand. At almost 18 years old, she is doing everything in her power to survive despite the shit that came her way. Until it’s come to the point where desperation is at its highest and Dylan is willing to risk more.

Ripley is as dangerous as it gets. He killed for a living and did it ruthlessly with no hesitation. Men in his circle respected him and the women would love to get into his bed. To be honest, as twisted and corrupt Rip was, I wasn’t sure how the author can bring him to ever love. Yes, he’s hot but the dude is all kinds of crazy. I have to say, if I saw him come my way, I’m not sure if I would run or strike a pose to get his attention. But for Dylan’s sake, I really hoped for the best.

This world Lake will touch on child abuse, homeless, drugs, prostitution and among other things.  It will open your eyes to the possibilities or realities in our world.  It’s a scary thought but Keri Lake did come through and showed that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  The overall book was pretty amazing.  Again, Ripple Effect is very dark and has parts with graphic violence/sex. Ripple Effect is not for the faint of heart and it is recommended only to readers over 18 years of age.




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