“This read really slow…”
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When it comes to tropes, this is one of my favorites.  Closeted jock that falls for the openly gay guy, and the fact they’re roomates … even better!  It’s like catnip, I tell you.  So even though I had never read this author before, I decided to give this a try.  I’m both happy I did and a little underwhelmed.

Kyle is a very good basketball player with NBA aspirations.  He’s not only living up to his full potential but to his fathers’ expectations.  He also carries a big secret that is crushing him.  The fact that he’s known he’s gay and doesn’t feel like he can come out and experience the life he feels he was meant to live.  Always living a lie.  When one of his teammates and roommate has to leave to become a daddy, he leaves Kyle with the option of rooming with Micah.  Micah is openly gay and Kyle has checked him out before but thought it was safe since Micah has a boyfriend.  Except… not anymore.

Lets start with the things I liked.  I actually liked both characters in what was presented.  They are both dealing with some extra baggage in terms of what they want to do with their lives and where they see themselves and I thought that added a real feeling to their struggles that went beyond their sexuality.  There’s a natural friendship that develops between them while rooming together that I really liked and it was important to have that before jumping to something physical.

What I wasn’t too sold on was the chemistry.  I went back and forth with this because I was never really sold on the attraction.  And I know I just said it took a nice long time for them to get together but actually to me that was a lot of filler scenes about them being friends and not so much about them making meaningful emotional connections.  That brings me to the next thing, the pacing.  This read really slow and I think had many scenes that didn’t drive the plot forward at all.  They were just… there, adding word count.

This being my first book by this author is tough to decide whether to continue and read another, but I think I liked enough of this to give another book a try.



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