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“This is one of the best UF’s out there and this book is another outstanding addition to the series. I can’t wait to see what happens next.”
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Although for Cassie Palmer the last few books have got a time span of a couple of days…for us poor readers we have been waiting years. To try and finally, finally get some resolution to the whole Pritkin getting sent to hell thing….and then Pritkin’s soul being sent back through time thing… All the while, the ancient gods are trying to break back into the world and bring on Armageddon. The only thing stopping all this it seems? Cassie Palmer, chief seer, but who despite having such a lofty title nobody seems to be listening to.

For those of you who follow this series, it’s been at times a frustrating and tiring ride, you think you’ve got somewhere and BOOM another disaster and you are left hanging till the next book 2 years later. In Ride the Storm Cassie is still chasing down Pritkin’s soul and trying to fend off the end of days whilst half the supernatural world are chasing her. It’s exhausting. But, although in true Chance style you can expect another cliffhanger don’t despair, this book does tie up some lose ends.

As with all the books in the Cassandra Palmer series you can expect an action packed adventure packed full of near misses, startling insight and brash acts of bravery from our heroine. Cassie pushing through exhaustion, injury and resistance from every other sects in her mission to help her friends and those that depend on her. It’s an exhilarating ride, which I admit at times leaves me confused and wondering who the hell is shooting at her now. And this is because I have to be reminded all the time. This is the 8th book in the series, but Chance packs so much into each book and there’s always such a long wait between each one. So, when Cassie references something that has happened in the past, which within the story timeline may have only taken place a few days ago but for us it was 3 books and 6 years ago. I need reminding, and these constant refreshers bloats out the book but I would be lost without them. Or maybe this is just me…

However, one thing I never forget is the love triangle between Cassie, Mircea and Pritkin. I normally hate love triangles and one reason I hate them is because it always seems obvious who the heroine is going to pick. So far, I can’t decide who I think Cassie will end up with although I have my preference – Pritkin – but then again, I really like Mircea as well and don’t want to see him unhappy….I can see why Cassie is conflicted. Of course, she’s normally too busy with people trying to murder her to give it all of her attention. But, I think this book brings us one massive step closer to a conclusion on the Mircea and Pritkin dilemma.

If you are an Urban Fantasy fan, then this series is a must read, it’s packed full of so much action you’ll need a nap after reading it, but Chance has also built such a well realised and complex world with vampires, mages, witches, weres and fae; it’s fascinating. Not to mention all the individual characters that she has brought to life and from Cassie our heroine, to the cadre of vampires she’s friends with and her love interests Pritkin and Mircea. This is one of the best UF’s out there and this book is another outstanding addition to the series. I can’t wait to see what happens next.



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  1. We have been waiting a long time these last few books. I agree, this is one of the best UFs out there.