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“…sign me up for a Zerconian warrior of my very own.”
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I know what I want for my birthday and it’s over 6 ft tall, has eyes that change colour and is adorably arrogant. That’s right sign me up for a Zerconian warrior of my very own. I love those guys and I devoured all the currently released books, including the novellas, in under a week. I confess, I was a little addicted.

But there was a lot to love about this series, Sadie Carter has done a fantastic job at not only writing a troop of sexy alien warrior, but she given us a whole bunch of feisty, hilarious heroines as well. I enjoyed watching the friendship develop between the women almost as much as the romances.

As I mentioned I read these book in quick succession, which meant that I quickly worked out the formula that each of the books follow. This did make each instalment predictable, however, that obviously didn’t stop me from jumping from one book to another. This was a light-hearted and fun series to read and although you known what’s going to happen that doesn’t take away the enjoyment I took from reading each warrior fall for his human woman.

This series covers a lot of troupes/character types as well, so if you like a plain Jane, grumpy heroes, warrior women, enemies to lovers stories than this series is bound to fulfil your wishes. Personally, I really enjoy plain Jane and grumpy hero stories so those were my favourite books in the series. Below is a little list of each of the books and what you can expect so you can pick which one you would like to try, however, although the romances can be read as a standalone it is better enjoyed as part of the series:

(All the books I don’t mention are slices of life about current and future couples.)

Alien Warrior, Alien Lover, Alien Mate (Zerconian Warriors #1-#3) – Dex and Zoey

He’s an arrogant alien prince and a warrior used to being obeyed. She’s a feisty and stubborn female who takes orders from no one.

Sweet Alien Savage (Zerconian Warriors #4) – Koran and Mila – One of my favourites!

He’s a grumpy and traditional warrior who wants an obedient mate. She’s used to being plain and overshadowed by her beautiful sister even as she organises everything in the background.

Alien Savior (Zerconian Warriors #5) – Darac and Willa

He’s a warrior near madness and consumed with rage. She’s a smart mouthed mechanic and fighter who won’t tolerate over protective males.

Alien Mine (Zerconian Warriors #7) – Thor and Lucy – One of my favourites!

He’s a patient medic protecting his mate from a far. She’s had a dark and painful past and is wary of trusting a male again.

Alien Sacrifice (Zerconian Warriors #9) – Annabel and Macon

He’s a proper and in control Zerconian warrior who sticks to tradition. She’s a spy with a wild side.

An Alien to Die For (Zerconian Warriors #10) – Alice and Jaxan – One of my favourites!

He’s a sweet Zerconian warrior searching for his mate. She’s a clumsy, awkward farm girl escaping from her cruel family.

Alien Commander (Zerconian Warrior #11) – Toriq and Sophie

He’s an oversized male desperate not to repeat the mistake of his father. She’s a survivor who has escaped an abusive past.

A Christmas Most Alien (Zerconian Warriors #11.5) – Rich and Laylla – One of my favourites!

He’s an arrogant and ambitious human male determined to take down a corrupt politician. She’s the future leader of her village and a fierce fighter and protector.

Alien Explosions (Zerconian Warriors #12) – Saffron and Moroco

He’s a grumpy medic whose already been betrayed by love before. She’s a feisty and overprotective sister has been hurt by men in the past.

Alien Retribution (Zerconian Warriors #13) – Boris and Nassir 

He’s taken a a vow of silence till he has vengeance for his family’s murder and half his body is hideously scarred and crippled. She’s a prim princess trying to survive on the streets after an inside plot killed her parents.


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