If you love bad boys, or Zane, the bad vampire in Jackie’s life, you’ll enjoy this beautiful story.  Zane had to give up the love of his life, Jackie.  He has now gone back to the Queen of Vampires to serve her and is staying away from Jackie, his succubus, while knowing that Noah, the gorgeous sexy fallen angel she know completely belongs to.

But you have to love a bad guy, or bad vampire, with a heart.  He truly misses her, thinks of her constantly, and realizes he really can’t stay totally away.  He  HAS to see her.  He wants to know that she misses him too.

The only thing missing in this story was Noah!  He doesn’t make an appearance, but I guess that’s because this is all about the bad boy’s feelings.  This was a really nice, quick read!  And it’ll leave you wanting more Succubus Diaries!

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