“Overall, Yours is a great start to a love triangle trilogy. It was a fast read but heavy on the steam factor making it perfect for a summer read.” ~ Under the Covers

Lana grew up with a screwed up family dynamics that left her broken and weary but after meeting Jack, things change for her. He seems to have given her strength to fight for what she deserves in life. But now that she’s got the feel for being treasured, she wants more. Unfortunately, Jack has his issues to sort out and not quite ready to give her what she wants.

Lana is smart and driven when it comes to her career. I liked her, and I felt bad for her and her situation. Despite the abuse from her family, she stuck in there waiting for approval that would never come. It’s about time she breaks free of that mess. Thanks to Jack’s controlling tendencies, he helped her overcome her problems and become stronger. Believe it or not, even empowered.

Jack, on the other hand, I feel like I didn’t get enough of. Yes, on the surface, it’s obvious that he is the rich, handsome and maybe even the brooding hero, but there’s more to him than meets the eye. Up until the end, The mystery of why he does things was a mystery to me. Another thing is Lana and Jack’s relationship. It was hot and intense, but it came a bit too fast. A little more time together would have been nice, and I think that goes getting to know Jack as well. I need more. Fortunately, next two installments are already available to read.

Being that Reign is a trilogy, I expected some kind of big cliffhanger at the end of the book. There is one, but it wasn’t too bad, in my opinion. Obviously, we can expect that the story is not done by any means. I do expect the plot to get a whole lot thicker in the second installment where Ms. Ryan brings in the competition. There’s not much angst yet in this book, but you know Cal will be in the picture. Frankly, I like this superhero. He is the complete opposite of Jack. Flirty, light-hearted, funny and definitely less intense. I love Cal’s easy banter and smooth talks full of innuendos. I’m just not sure how I will deal with the love triangle and Cal being Jack’s BFF. I wonder how much angst Ms. Ryan will bring to the next book. Nevertheless, I’m excited to find out.

Overall, Yours Tonight is a great start to a love triangle trilogy. It was a fast read but heavy on the steam factor making it perfect for a summer read.

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