Aisling Gray is having a bad day. To start with her first job as a courier goes wrong when a smoulderingly hot man steals her package…mainly because she was distracted by the dead body of the client hanging from the ceiling. From there things get worse when she finds out she is Guardian, a wyverns mate and the number one murder suspect.

This is another case of why-the-hell-didn’t-i-read-this-earlier, I LOVED it, this is my first book by Katie MacAlister, but it is by no means going to be my last. This book is a fantastic mix of action; laugh out loud humour and a little bit of flaming hot sex.

What I liked most about this book was the characters especially Aisling and Jim her demon dog sidekick. Those two were so hilarious, I would read these books just for their snarky comments even if I hated everything else about it, which I didn’t. For a change the only character I wasn’t that sure about was Drake. He was okay, slightly annoying and over bearing but I normally get over that with the smexy hot guys in these books, but I think because this book didn’t really focus so much on Drake and Aisling and more on her trying to solve the murders we didn’t have a chance to be charmed by his annoying arrogant hero ways, hopefully that will change in the next book.

This book was told from first person POV, so we learnt everything as Aisling did, and I still found the new world of the Otherland a little confusing but then I think Aisling does as well, so maybe it is intentional? But I liked the general idea and I look forward to reading more about it in the next book. The plot as well, about half way through I had figured out who had done it, but I still enjoyed reading on, by then I was already hooked to the Aisling/Jim duo!

A great book, although the premise of the book isn’t particually original I loved the execution, this book is very much character based and I will read on as I loved Jim and Aislings personality’s.

My favourite Jim quote!

“…but I’m not any demon. I’m a demon plus. I’m superior to your average run-of-the-mill demon. Think of me as Demon: The Next Generation.”

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  1. Great review. I recently discovered MacAlister. She sounds hilarious. May not be the most original, like you said, but still worth reading. Thank you for sharing that quote, that is just driving me to get this quicker. Great review again, thank you 🙂

  2. I’ve read two books by Katie MacAlister, and I love her already. I read #1 of the Silver Dragon Series (Playing with fire) and #1 in the Dark Ones (A girl’s guide to vampires). The Silver Dragon series book was excellent, Aisling and Jim are in that. I have a crush on the silver wyvern now lol. And books #2-3 waiting on my shelf…this was before I realized the Aisling Gray series came first, so hopefully it won’t throw me off too much! Great review!