Captivating from the very first word, Bishop’s writing holds you in a tight embrace all the way through to the past page. ~ Under the Covers

SO MANY people have raved about this book. And with good reason! For readers who enjoy dark urban fantasy and aren’t afraid of monsters who are actually terrifyingly scary, WRITTEN IN RED will be a wonderful addition to your keeper shelf.

As my first very book by Anne Bishop, I really had no idea what to expect as I went into this book. All I knew was that I would be entering a highly detailed and unique world that doesn’t tone down its bad side for the sake of the reader. What I immediately noticed was Bishop’s authorial voice. Captivating from the very first word, Bishop’s writing holds you in a tight embrace all the way through to the past page.

As Bishop weaves and creates a magical world that mesmerizes and enchants, she is simultaneously introducing key characters in the story who will eventually become integral pieces of this game. Meg Corbyn is a cassandra sangue, or otherwise known as a blood prophet. She possesses the ability to see the future when her skin is cut. Already taking on a darker tone, Bishop further entices when Meg escapes her captor who wishes to control her visions and enters Lakeside Courtyard, a place belonging to the Others.

Simon Wolfgard is as dangerous and as nasty as they come. When we first meet him, he is hesitant and suspicious of Meg, who wants a Human Liaison job as he can feel that something is different about her. He knows that she is harbouring a secret, but doesn’t know what it is yet. As I mentioned earlier, Bishop doesn’t tone down the intensity for the sake of the reader. But instead, she places great emphasis on it. When Simon hunts, it’s brutal, gory and actually quite fascinating. Just from that scene alone, you learn so much about his character.

Though fans of Romance may feel slightly disappointed in this first instalment, there is likely to be more romance to come as Bishop hints at a few future plotlines. As a Romance reader at heart, I did miss the romantic element however, that didn’t stop me at all for enjoying this masterpiece. As a Fantasy novel, Bishop certainly delivers far more than any reader could expect. I cannot wait for more.



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  1. I’ve heard good things about this book and even though PNR is something I read a lot of I’ve added it to my wishlist.

  2. I’ve heard about this series and want to try them but they’re really expensive…hoping the price drops soon-thanks for the great review Annie.

  3. Omg I read her black jewels trilogy years ago which totally opened up my eyes to the uf genre…..thanks annie