“Does this book make me wish I could get abducted and be used as a Tornian brides? Why yes, yes it does.”
~ Under the Covers

In the first book in the series, we meet Grim and Lisa, in this book we jump back in time a few months and see how the Emperor, Wray, met Kim the human woman who changed everything, leading to the events in the first  book.

Kim is barely hanging on to life, she doesn’t know how long it has been to the ugly, smelly, hairy aliens have taken her, but all she can feel is the cold and the pain. That is until Wray saves her and starts to take care of her. Despite all she has endured she can’t help but fall for the big tough warrior, who shows her only care and gentleness. But, his world is vastly different to hers, females are in short supply and are segregated from the men, only interacting with males when they “Join” and hopefully produce offspring. Lisa refuses to be treated like a cold and uncaring Tornian female much to Wray’s delight and dismay… how will his people react when he brings the beautiful yet completely different Kim back to Torino?

I’m reviewing this after having a reread of the series,  I was really missing my over-protection, unbearably sweet, yet clueless Tornian males so I decided to get my fix by read the series again whilst I wait for another book to be brought out. Does this book make me wish I could get abducted and be used as a Tornian brides? Why yes, yes it does.

So, I admit, these aren’t the greatest books in the world, aside from the occasional spelling or grammar error, some of the story has plot holes miles wild and the world doesn’t entirely make sense. Does that stop me from enjoying this book? Not one tiny bit. What I love about this series is the romance, as over the top sweet as it is, there is something about my sexy alien warriors adoring their females that tugs me back for more.

This will definitely not be for everyone, but this series is a not-so-guilty pleasure for me, and I will continue waiting with baited breath for the next book to come out!


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