Review: Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor

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Review: Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor
Worth the Fall
Book Info

Released: 9 September 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: McKinney Brothers #1
Pages: 312


“…this book was pure wish fulfillment, with the perfect guy and the four perfectly cute, adorable kids, pure brain candy that I gobbled right up” ~ Under the Covers

Widowed Abby doesn’t know how she has caught Matt’s attention…she has four kids and is clearly pregnant with her fifth. She isn’t like all the other women on the beach wearing just a skimpy bikini and a smile. But she is only here for a week before she goes back to her real life, so she lets herself and the kids enjoy his attention, you can’t fall in love in a week, right?

Stock up your toothpaste and make an preemptive appointment with your dentist, you’ll need it for Worth the Fall, it is just so damn sweet you are bound to get a cavity or two. Not that I mind, this book was pure wish fulfillment, with the perfect guy and the four perfectly cute, adorable kids, pure brain candy that I gobbled right up.

Abby is a widow whose time is spent looking after her four adorable rugrats, whose only experiences with family and marriage have been lonely and unfulfilling, making her isolate herself from almost everyone apart from her kids. Matt is a sexy Navy SEAL, whose best friends death still haunts him along with a death bed promise. I admit he was almost too perfect, what guy goes up to a pregnant woman with four kids and decides she is The One and then proceeds to be pretty much perfect in every way…if I was Abby I would be suspicious.

However, if I decide to ignore the unlikeliness of the situation, which I did, I can’t help but enjoy their romance. It was sweet, I loved seeing these two lonely people come together and create the family they have both always wanted. You can’t help but melt as Matt falls in love with not just Abby, but her children as well.

As well as being sweet, it was packed full of emotion as both Abby and Matt have their own personal issues to deal with. Abby’s fear of abandonment and Matt’s fear of letting his best friend down and betraying his last wishes create a lot of tension and potential heartbreak. All of which combined to make a book I had a hard time putting down.

I really enjoyed Worth the Fall, it had a sweet romance, a little bit of heat and an emotional tap that will definitely get me reading the next book in the series.

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About Claudia Connor

New York Times bestselling author Claudia Connor attended Auburn University, where she received her undergraduate and masters degrees in early childhood education, and completed her studies in Sawbridgeworth, England. Always a lover of happy endings, she enjoys movies, reading, and spending her days putting on paper the stories in her head. She lives near Memphis, Tennessee, with her husband and three daughters.


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