It seems like I’ve wanted TJ to get his story since book one.  He’s the adorable, clumsy, dunny, good spirited wolf.  He will do anything for his pack and his family.  He’s loyal and endearing, even though I didn’t use to see him as sexy-alpha…and he wasn’t very coordinated.  I guess he is the proof that a man who is not as domineering can still be very appealing.

TJ realizes right away that Maggie’s friend Pam is his mate, while at Maggie’s wedding.  But she is full human.  The mate bond has to be different with a human and TJ doesn’t want to scare her away. Especially since she doesn’t know her friend, or the family she’s marrying into, are a pack of wolves.

Pam stays in town on vacation while her friend goes on her honeymoon and TJ uses that opportunity to woe her.

I loved both of them.  TJ changed a bit in this book and became more the sexy man I was expecting him to be but without losing his personality.  Pam just seemed like the perfect fit for him, even though I thought she accepted the whole wolf thing very easily.

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