Review: Wolf Games by Vivian Arend

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Review: Wolf Games by Vivian Arend
Wolf Games
Book Info

Released: March 23, 2010
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Granite Lake Wolves #3
Pages: 96


In the previous book we read about Missy’s sister.  She was used in the scheme to get Missy to marry the Alpha’s brother of their old pack, so that the alpha could control Missy.  Things were done to Maggie then that changed her.  She hasn’t been able to shift or even really be around wolves for a long time.  Now that Missy is happily mated and even pregnant, Maggie comes for a visit. Her sister sends the welcome committee to get her.

One of them being the Granite Lake Beta, Erik.  And there’s an immediate recognition that passes thru between them.  They are mates.  Not sure if it’s because he’s described as this huge guy, or the fact that he can actually speak Russian, or maybe it’s because he’s actually really cute and funny… but I loved Erik.  Big and cuddly, hot and sensual, possessive and understanding.

Maggie on the other hand was a biiiiiiiiit whiny.  I understand that her personality and actions were probably appropriate for having gone through what she did and the problems she still goes through.  However, a heroine that normally cowers behind the hero is usually not my favorite one.

To add to this mix it is time for the Wolf Games, a series of competitions between neighboring packs.  Names are picked out of a hat to form the representing team and Erik and Maggie were chosen to go.  The games were fun, looking for the clues and using their team members and resources as best as they could.

Speaking of the Games, I cannot wait to read TJ’s book.  I adore his clumsy ass!  I was happy to see Erik make the others stop teasing him but also yelled at TJ for putting himself down.  The kid is brilliant and he deserves a place in the pack.

I can’t wait to see who’s up next!

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  1. I enjoyed the review and found the good points and point about the heroine helpful. I really need to get to the first book that’s in my TBR pile.

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