I adore this story!  I was intrigued by Tad’s character in the first book in the series.  He was our heroine’s brother and he actually knew that he was a wolf, just hadn’t been triggered and couldn’t shift yet.  When he has to cancel on his sister for their annual trip because of work, he gets a surprise.  His high school crush is actually part of the company that hires him.  And Missy is actually a wolf and wanting to sort of mate with him.

Her plans have to change when she realizes that they are really mates.  She’s actually on the run in a way from the Alpha of her pack who wants to have her because she is an Omega wolf.

Now not only does she have a real mate that she doesn’t want to loose but he’s not able to shift yet and will have to deal with big bad Alpha coming for them.

This was short but very sweet, I loved Tad.  It was also nice that this story happens almost at the same time as book one so we see his side of the story when he finds out his sister is mated and now knows about being a wolf.  Tad could’ve been triggered a long time ago but he was waiting for the right girl.  The way his personality is I wasn’t surprised to find out that he was also an Omega wolf.

Can’t wait for the next book.  Will it be TJ soon???


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  1. I’ve read the first book and this series and loved it…looking forward to reading the rest in this series-great review Francesca!

  2. @Sophia Rose, the first book was free on Amazon not sure if it still is.

    @Timitra, I’m looking forward to reading the rest soon. Hope you enjoy them as well.