“I didn’t like the characters, the story or the romance”
~ Under the Covers

I’ve been on a Sci Fi romance kick recently and I wanted something a little different, which is why I picked up Wild Blood. A cyborg spider? I definitely haven’t read that before and there’s nothing I enjoy more than a weird alien hero, especially if the author gets me to fall in love with them. Sadly, in this book, that wasn’t the case.

So, why didn’t I fall in love? Was it because Dommik was too weird for me? Nope, I’ve read stranger. In fact, I got tired of Dommik monologuing to himself about how different and monstrous he was. I also found the heroine, Katalina, tiresome as well, she was either scared or horny, sometimes both. I found the whole thing, including the romance very melodramatic, she hated him, she loved him, she hated him again…by the end I didn’t care.

I didn’t really enjoy this book, from the blurb it sounded exactly like the kind of story I love, however, the delivery just didn’t hook me and it needed editing properly. I don’t usually comment on editing, however, in this case the strange sometimes nonsensical phrasing and dialogue helped with my overall dislike of this book. Overall I didn’t like the characters, the story or the romance so I probably won’t continue with this series.

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  1. Cyborg spider!!! Hell no for me!!! Th for the honest review suzanne! Shared on all my socials!!