I kind of wanted to read this series in order, although the stories are not related AT ALL.  But due to different release dates and who knows what caused them I’m not.  So I made a bit of a jump from book # 3 in this collection of short stories to # 6.

I’ve never read anything by this author before but I know I have some of her books on my never ending TBR and they come highly recommended so I was anxious to try out her writing style.  And I have to say I enjoyed it!  There was just enough bantering between the main characters and as always for short stories, I like that the hero and heroine had a previous relationship.

So we have Aylia, a witch that used to date a werewolf, Nico.  She believes he betrayed her before which is why they are not together now.  Also the fact that her coven is cursed and she needs to wear a necklace or she will die by a certain birthday, and he took the necklace.

If you have, like me, an addiction to sexy alpha males, then I can tell you will like Nico.  But he’s also very sweet and loving when it comes to Aylia, even though she couldn’t possibly be his mate because she’s a witch.

This story, although short, was entertaining, had some action and plenty of sexyness!  I know there’s plans to do a story for Kole, Nico’s first in command, so I’m looking forward to reading that!

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