Crystal Debrowski has got it all – the red, pixie hair, the big boobs, the mile-long legs. Many envy her good looks, but it’s those same looks that have made her a target of an Indonesian bastard named Yao Long.

Yao wants Crystal as his slave. His sex slave.

When Yao’s second-in-command, Wong Li tries to proposition Crystal on behalf of Mr. Yao, Crystal gives the two the one-finger salute. It isn’t until her job is in jeopardy and she spends some time behind bars that she realizes that the counterfeiting scam on her shift may be due to Mr. Yao’s actions.

Crystal gets attacked unawares and is taken into the world of prostitution and sex slave rings in Jakarta, miles away from her smooth-talking cowboy, Johnny Duane Reed.

But it doesn’t take Johnny long to figure things out… And then he’s on the hunt for his girl, delving deep into the city of Jakarta to get Crystal back. But what he finds there causes even a worldly man like him to step back in surprise.

WHISPER NO LIES is lighter in tone than the rest of the books. While it does involve the sensitive subject and real-life issue of human trafficking, Johnny and Crystal are jokers all the way through. It seems that the more tense and dangerous the situation, the more wise cracks they make. It works for them, but sometimes I wished they were more serious when my heart was pumping a mile a minute as they faced off dangerous SOBs.

This book hits just as hard as the other ones, however, I did feel like the romance was set on the side for most of the book. Both the hero and heroine struggle with this image they portray and being seen as someone else other than who they really are. Crystal, the girl with the cute strut and big boobs. Johnny, the blonde haired, blue-eyed looker. Their appearances make impressions on others that revolve around sex and sex only.

And for awhile, between Crystal and Johnny, it was just about sex too. Until something happened in the dirty streets of Jakarta. The two fell in love and it was believable. They saw something more in each other than just their appearances and it works well with the storyline.

What I loved was the fact that even when they returned from the adrenaline-filled atmosphere of their last op, their chemistry was still there. And they put effort into their relationship to make it work. Things just didn’t fall into place on its own. They MADE it work.

And to me, that’s better than anything fate could plan for someone.

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