Julian Acsher is an Archdemon, the highest ranking demon next to the Dark Prince himself. Devil’s Paradise is his creation, a club made to tempt humans to sin. It is Julian’s job to lead people to damnation and corruption, using his good looks and charm. Julian is simply the best in what he does.

Serena St. Clair is a Guardian angel, a job she takes very seriously. She works for Arielle and The Company where they lead misguided humans into a more suitable path. Serena’s assignment is to corral Nick Ramirez, the hottest Hollywood actor from living a life of sin. But her boss has an ulterior motive…

Arielle pairs Nick with Serena because she knows that Nick has ties to Julian. She hopes Serena’s beauty and innocent will tempt Julian enough to get close to her.

In Where Demons Fear to Tread, there is a battle between good and bad. Will Serena’s innate goodness stand a chance against Julian’s devilish ways? Or will Julian charm the angel right into his grips?
I found that it was a little difficult to get into this at first. I couldn’t find myself relating to Serena. I didn’t hate her, but something about her did not stick with me. She’s a sweetheart, a complete angel and maybe this is where I wished there was something about her that wasn’t so easy to read.

On the other hand, I adored Julian! There was something darkly seductive about him. I could understand why even angels fall for him. He was a strong character that pushed me to read this book!

While the pacing lagged in a few bits, overall I enjoyed Chong’s writing style. I liked her take on angels, but wished there was something else that made it stand out against the roaring trend of angels in paranormal romance.

Where Demons Fear to Tread is a story about how love is the ultimate redemption and what romance reader can resist a story like that?

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