“…super sweet, light-hearted, slow burn romance…”
~ Under the Covers

I stumbled across this audiobook while on Instagram and it fit my mood perfectly so I ditched my TBR and listened to this.

WHEN HARRY MET HARRY is a super sweet, light-hearted, slow burn romance that starts off as enemies and turns to friends before lovers. And it’s obviously a twist on When Harry Met Sally which was fun and something I haven’t seen done in a romance book.

FYI, this is “fade to black” and it may straddle the line between “chic lit” and “romance” just so you go in with the right expectations. This is also the author’s debut and even though some things weren’t perfect it made for a fun filled afternoon. Especially if you have Audible Escape.



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  1. Curious to know if someone knows a bit more about the author. I read Sleepless over you by Sydney Smyth. But I don’t know if the author identifies as male or female (or non binary) and where they are from. I would love to put this in my spreadsheet where I keep all the information about the books I read and the authors.