“This book was sexy and funny and I had a great time reading it”
~ Under the Covers

Arik is used to the ladies swooning at his feet, he is after all a billionaire, not to mention sexy (if he does say so himself) and the alpha of the Lion’s pride. So, when he deigns to allow sassy, curvy and gorgeous hairdresser Kira near his luscious locks, he doesn’t expect her to maim his beautiful hair. He may have said a few things he shouldn’t, but he can’t help himself, watching her getting riled up gets him all riled up in the best way and she definitely shouldn’t have run… now all he wants to do is chase her.

What does a gorgeous billionaire lion do when his hairdresser chops off his mighty mane? Well Eve Langlais shows us exactly what the consequences are in When an Alpha Purrs and I have to admit, I am thinking about changing careers and finding a lion shifter to provoke with my (sadly lacking) hairdressing skills.

This book was sexy and funny and I had a great time reading it. So why didn’t I rate it higher I hear you twitter? Well, as much as I enjoyed it, and I have no compunction in saying that it made me laugh, I liked the main characters and I look forward to reading the next one, it also didn’t rock my world; it barely tilted it. There are a lot of PNRs out there, and quite a few of them give you this great mix of humour and romance and as much as I liked When an Alpha Purrs it didn’t do anything to stand out from the crowd.

But, as I mentioned I very much look forward to reading the next in the series, there’s always room on my shelf for funny and sexy and that is exactly what When an Alpha Purrs delivers.spacer

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  1. I only read one book by this author and while it was ok it wasn’t great… after a while it seemed like she was just writing scenes so that she could insert a funny comment…it seemed a bit forced but maybe her writing has changed