“It’s more on the sweet side than the badass.” ~ Under the Covers

I’m a sucker for a cool cover and this one is so beautiful it captured my attention from the very first time I saw it.  I’ll admit I’m not the BIGGEST new adult fan, however I do tend to enjoy quite a few of them.  Especially if we’re talking about a bad boy.  Then there’s the fact I saw so many great things about this book.  I bought it right away!

While the cuteness of the story made WELCOME TO SUGARTOWN an enjoyable read, I don’t think it stood out or left me wanting to read more.  The heroine is young and it shows in how immature she is at times.  Picking fights or well, acting her age.  And that’s not a bad thing, just not the thing for me.

Then we have the hero, who had the potential of being amazing!  Bad boy biker, just got out of jail, has something mysterious about his past.  But then the reveal comes and when I thought things would get dicey and entertaining from there, it just fell a bit flat.  He’s not the badass bad boy I was expecting from people’s reviews.  He is adorable and falls hard for the girl, pretty much at first sight.

Which brings me to my third issue.  Insta-love.  While not quite insta-love more like insta-lust with a very fast jump to the love part.

Elijah and Ana have what I would consider a typical young love infatuation type of relationship, which was cute to read about and sometimes their personalities got on my nerves a bit.  If you are a fan of new adult in general you will probably enjoy this!  It’s more on the sweet side than the badass.  But if you are like me and would like your characters to be a bit more grown up even if they are young in age, then you may find a few things a bit frustrating.

Did you like this review? If so, please tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. I also saw a lot of good stuff posted on this book. I do enjoy the NA’s and I have no problem with insta-love but everything comes down to the story/plotline for me.

  2. Lately I’ve seen a lot of posts on facebook about this book,excellent ranking, excellent comments,but I’m little picky when is in question New Adult,I think that I wouldn’t read this book,simply doesn’t sound very interesting to me:/

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Francesca 🙂

  3. I saw that you were reading this, Francesca. And you know how I love a bad-ass heroine…so I’ll save this one for when I want something a little sweeter, lol.
    I can always count on you to give it to me straight!

  4. No too fond of the cover but your review does make it sound interesting so I may give it a try next time I’m stuck….thanks

  5. Cover is definitely cute and suits a sweet romance. I’ve only read a few NAs and insta-everything seems to be the norm. I like mature characters and not a lot of drama so I’m not sure that age level is the thing for me. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ditto on the beautiful cover. Sorry you didn’t enjoy it! I think I might since it has a few qualities that I enjoy. I agree thought, the new adult genre is growing in leaps in bounds but sometimes, the same troupes again and again get tiresome. Great review! Thanks for the FYI 🙂