“A story that kept you turning the pages.” ~Under the Covers

WAYWARD ONE is a different historical romance than what I’ve been reading lately, and I mean that in a good way.  It’s a bit darker storyline without really being dark.  This book, although unexpected for me, was a good mix of sexy and emotion with an interesting storyline.  A story that kept you turning the pages.

Our hero, Fletcher Thomas, is a man who has made his fortune by not so traditional means (ie underworld) and he’s not necessarily a respected member of London society.  Sera Miller has grown up at a boarding school, knowing she was an orphan, and without knowing who her benefactor was.  She’s now the epitome of proper.  Sometimes way too much for my liking.

Fletcher finally reveals himself as Sera’s benefactor and the true reason why he was doing it was very romantic.  See, Sera’s mother used to be Fletcher’s fathers’ “lady of the night” and, as kids, Fletcher and Sera spent time together.  One could say he fell in love then and always wanted to take care of her.  And that’s what he’s been doing for years, from afar.  That is until she would be of age and he could snatch her up and marry her.  In his mind, she could make him better.

I really liked Fletcher, he’s the good bad guy.  He’s wanted so bad to fit in and to be part of society that he doesn’t quite understand it really isn’t all that’s cracked up to be, nor that it may not be a good fit for him.

The connection between Fletcher and Sera was a bit lacking at first for me but it slowly developed and when I wasn’t wanting to club her to snap out of her tidy ways, then they were actually fun together.  There’s nothing better than seeing the oh-so-proper Sera get all hot and bothered in the most inappropriate places because she couldn’t fight her attraction to Fletcher.

There’s even a bit of action in this book adding a nice layer to the story.  There’s the issue of Sera’s mother and Fletcher’s fathers’ death.  We get to find out the truth about that and how this was still affecting their lives today.

I am extremely happy I gave this book a try.  I’ve loved the author’s work while being one half of Katie Porter and wasn’t sure how that would relate to her historicals.  This is not a Katie Porter book, I was happy to see a distinct voice coming through WAYWARD ONE.  But at the same time, I’ll definitely have another author that I need to read from now on.

Favorite Quotes:

“I die with wanting you, every day.”

“I can’t wait to unwrap you.”

*Review copy provided by author

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