“Readers get to see how perfect a connection between Dom and sub can be.” ~Under the Covers

The fourth installment in Michele Zurlo’s Oasis series is a full-length, developed tale.   Her previous stories in the series give an introduction to the world of Oasis, a wish-fulfillment business that caters to granting the perfect fantasy.  Lydia is the new wish-coordinator at Oasis.  She’s a focused, professional woman with a past…an encounter with a man she’s never been able to overcome.  He is the Dom that she’s longed for ever since, that’s left her always wanting more.  How can Lydia be in the business of fulfilling wishes when she’s clearly so unfulfilled herself?  The management of Oasis requires her to make a wish of her own.  She wants to sub to a Dom, experience submission to its fullest extent.  But without emotional attachment.   Little does she know how deep she will fall.

Wilder Burke, son of the founders of Oasis, has been assigned to grant Lydia’s wish.  He also happens to be the Dom Lydia connected with eight years earlier. When they both agree to embark on this journey together, the pull between them is unmistakable and readers get to see how perfect a connection between Dom and sub can be.

Having read all of the previous installments in the Oasis series as well as Re/bound (one of my favorites!), I was very excited to see Wanting Wilder as a full-length story.  The concept of wish-fulfillment in a BSDM erotic romance can be a bit cliché, so I was pleased that this tale transcended the stereotype by capturing very authentic and complex emotions.   It’s easy to understand Lydia’s motivations and fears.  Wilder comes on strong and makes those of us who are submissive at heart just melt.  Or catch fire.  The scenes that play out are hot and leave you wanting more and more, with scenes of BDSM that range from bondage to flogging and more.  There’s nothing too edgy for those that aren’t lovers of heavy BDSM.  This is more about the emotional and psychological journey of two characters, played out through realistic scenes and dynamic communication.  The dialog between the characters is so authentic and spot on.  I find that to be one of Zurlo’s strong suits and makes reading her stories very effortless.   There’s a lot of room for this series to grow and I’m looking forward to the next installment.

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  1. So many good books so little time to read, this is another author I have on my TBR list, I think I’m going to have to try & read faster 🙂

  2. How did I not know about this series? Interesting premise. Put this on my wishlist. Heading over to check out the other books in the series now. Thanks for the review.