“I just wish the romance … was a little bit more exciting.”
~ Under the Covers

Lady Tabitha Shelton made a pact with her two cousins; that they would become old maids together, they wouldn’t let society’s expectation that they should all marry trap them. Not that Tabitha is inundated with offers, no matter that her dowry is embarrassingly large, she is far to plain and plump for that, and has been a wallflower since her debut. That is, until Noah, Marquess of Devonport one of her brothers best friends and of the few men she is comfortable enough to have a conversation with, suddenly starts flirting with her. At least she thinks he’s flirting. But is Noah like all the other men who has tried to pursue her; a fortune hunter or does he want Tabitha for herself?

I wanted a romance where the Wallflower was unexpectedly swept off her feet by the handsome and charming, or maybe dark and brooding, hero to shock and awe of all the ton. A Cinderellaesque type of story that I could happily float along with and enjoy. Wallflower kind of reached these expectations, the heroine was definitely a wallflower and hero was handsome, however, the only sweeping being done was by the servants.

Maybe I am too used to the heroes being commanding and alpha, so when a beta hero like Noah comes a long, I feel a little underwhelmed. However, I refuse to believe that a beta hero has to be bland, which unfortunately is how I felt about Noah. However, I did like Tabitha and Noah together, they had a very sweet, although at times sedate romance. I looked forward to the times when passion would flare between them as that’s when they seemed to have the most chemistry.

I did like this book, it was an enjoyable read and I am intrigued enough about the cast of supporting characters in Wallflower to want to read the next in this series. But, I just wish the romance between Noah and Tabitha was a little bit more exciting.spacer



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