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“VISIONS is a fast-paced edge of your seat read.  Once I started, I couldn’t put it down.”
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I have no idea why I had forgotten about this series!  I really enjoyed the first book, Omens (see review here), because it had a good mystery element in it even if the paranormal was just a hint.  This was bound to delve deeper into that, right?

VISIONS starts off with a bang!  From the very beginning I’m drawn right back into the world of Cainsville, with it’s strange occurrences and strong female protagonist.  And just that easy everything I liked about book one rushes me.  I had no trouble picking up the tidbits of information and tying things to what happened in that book, even though it’s been a while since I read it.

Olivia Taylor-Jones is dealing with the aftermath of her true identity being revealed to the media.  An identity she didn’t know about.  Turned out she’s the daughter of notorious serial killers and she’s been working with lawyer Gabriel Walsh to try and help exonerate them of at least some of the deaths they were allegedly found guilty of.

In this book, Olivia keeps finding a dead woman dressed to look like her.  A woman that everyone in town is looking for.  And a death that may follow her parents MO.  But just as quickly as she finds her, her body keeps disappearing.  She will have to do her best to uncover the real murderer and find the explanation for her visions.  Which slowly, as the book progresses, open up and finally explain the paranormal hidden in Cainsville.

We continue to explore the folklore and omens, and that is one aspect I loved that is heavily woven in the story!  But Ms. Armstrong expands on that by bringing in some hell hounds and unveiling what sort of creatures lurk in Cainsville and how they’ve been meddling with the town.  And maybe, just maybe, how those are tied to Olivia as well.  Let’s just say that solving the mystery woman’s death is about more than finding a killer.  It will give Olivia a better understanding of her past.  But although VISIONS has a larger paranormal element than OMENS did, this is still not the main focus of this book.  It reads more like a mystery still, but I do expect that to change after the revelations in this book and the new player in town.

As you can imagine, I’m already invested in a Olivia/Gabriel relationship, but we get a sexy bad boy biker addition to the mix in this book.  Normally, I’m not a fan of several love interests, but I know in UF they sometimes are a needed evil.  I can at least say for now that Ricky is FREAKING HOT!  And Ms. Armstrong doesn’t hold back on bringing the sexual chemistry between Olivia and him.  Harley scene, just saying.  As much as I want Gabriel, yeah I was totally A-O-kay with the new developments in this book on that front.

My absolute favorite thing is Olivia!  She’s just funny, smart and down to earth, and she can kick ass too.  Definitely one of my favorite heroines in a while and I think she carries this story forward very well.

VISIONS is a fast-paced edge of your seat read.  Once I started, I couldn’t put it down.  If you love a good mystery, then this is IT for you.  Kelley Armstrong’s writing is flawless, the plots are interwoven effortlessly, and the characters have so many layers that you want to slowly peel away.  I loved every word and can’t wait for more!  I’m sort of happy I let it go for a while because now I already have book 3 ready to go without having to wait for it to release.  But I expect this will now be a series I gobble up right away as soon as I get my hands on it.

“Gabriel discourages emotional attachments the way most of us discourage door-to-door salesmen. They’re inconvenient, intrusive, and liable to end up saddling you with something you never wanted in the first place, at a cost far higher than you wish to pay.”




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