[Adam and Ellie’s] love story is poignant and romantic and I loved reading every moment of it! ~ Under the Covers

UNTIL FOUNTAIN BRIDGE is a free read from Samantha Young but you have to work for it a little bit. As a promotional campaign for DOWN LONDON ROAD, the sequel to ON DUBLIN STREET, readers who pre-order DOWN LONDON ROAD and send their invoice to Young will receive this free read.

So the question is, is it worth it? YES! I absolutely loved this novella and was very impressed with the way Young tackled Adam and Ellie’s story. Adam and Ellie were characters that intrigued me from the first book in the series. I know I’m not alone since many readers were dying for their book. Though this isn’t a full length novel, Young does a stellar job of depicting the romance between Adam and Ellie within 80 pages. Now that’s quite impressive since Adam and Ellie have a unique past.

Adam is Braden’s best friend and since Ellie is Braden’s little sister, Adam has never made the move on her despite his feelings. Young tells the story of Ellie and Adam through a series of diary entries written from Ellie’s POV throughout the years. We see them together as young as when Ellie was 15 and Adam was 21 and things progress from there.

Readers will get a chance to see how deeply their love runs through some jealously and some angst. Again, for 80 pages, fitting all that from a character’s past is hard but Young manages to do it with ease. Their love story is poignant and romantic and I loved reading every moment of it!

Also? The sex is smoking hot! I think Young really has a knack for writing sensual sex scenes because they are always so well done and filled with emotion.

If you’re a fan of the series, there is no way you can miss this novella. Adam and Ellie are a great couple and could possibly bump Joss and Braden from that coveted top spot!



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  1. I read this novella,the story of Adam and Ellie is wonderful,really beautiful written,the same opinion as you,Ann,from the first book on Dublin Street,I wanted to find out and to read more for the story of Adam and Ellie,and in these 80 pages Samantha Young manages to bring us their story in a great way! 🙂

    Great review Ann 🙂