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Unleashing the Storm by Sydney Croft

paranormal erotic romance

Unleashing the Storm by Sydney Croft

January 1, 2008

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  • X-Men vibes
  • Steamy
  • Undercover operatives

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This is a solid 3.5 Feathers.  Let me start by saying that I still do love this series, however this book didn’t have the same effect on me as the first one did.

I couldn’t really get into the story between Ender (Tommy!) and Kira.  I liked Ender in the first book, I just wasn’t that into the “I’m in heat and need sex every four hours” storyline.  It took away from their story a little in my opinion.  Was it just her being in heat and putting out pheromones that got them together?

Kira seemed a bit needy for all her independent talk.  Their sex wasn’t even always that hot, as it was becoming mechanical due to the “heat” cycle.  However, there was the one time with the handcuff chain that was pretty interesting 🙂  Ender gives off the impression he’s an ass, but you can tell he’s a big softie, and in a way Kira’s attachment to the animals, and now having them all around his house, will be perfect for him.  It was actually pretty funny when we get to see the animals personalities.

The action and drama that we got in the first story seemed to be a bit lacking in this one as well.  There wasn’t big action for the main characters, whatever we got was from the side stories.

And did I love all the side stories in this one!  First of all… Annika and Creed are still my favorite.  I felt so bad for Annika and what she almost did at the end.  In regards to their relationship, my heart broke at their/his final decision, but I really couldn’t see him losing his powers!  I cannot wait to read more about them!  There wasn’t even close to enough of their story in this book!

I enjoyed reading about the ACRO operative working “undercover” for Itor.  Ryan/Bryan, what was his name?  Anyway, he had a moment when he was looking through the eyes of another Itor op guy and he saw Annika.  Could it be they’re bringing this guy into the storyline?  How’s that going to tie in?

I enjoyed Dev and Oz’s reunion as well.  However, after parting ways three years ago in such a bad way, it seemed that they got together rather quickly and without any major talk.  Can’t give out spoilers, but I’m happy about what Dev got back!!  And shocked as the revelation the ghost gives him.  Where can the story go from here?

I am excited to read more of this series, and hopefully we’ll stop reading about an agent having to recruit someone to join ACRO and actually start reading more about the actual operatives currently working for them, so we get to see the real story unfold!

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  1. I was very disappointed in this one. Kira and Tom have almost no emotional connection, and the whole “in heat” premise was idiotic.
    I still enjoy the series and the next one is great.