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Unlawful-Contact pamela clare

romantic suspense

Unlawful Contact by Pamela Clare

I-Team #3
March 30, 2008

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  • Ex-con
  • Scarred hero
  • Tearjerker

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Dear Julian,
I love you, I love you, I love you. ..But I may love Marc Hunter more.
His piercing green-eyed stare, that killer sense of humor and the fact that he knows how to handle a gun may just trump that sucky-swirly thing you do with your tongue.
I’m sorry. Please don’t kill me.

Oh my god! So I’ve just finished Unlawful Contact minutes ago and I’m still recovering.

Okay, but in all seriousness, Pamela Clare has gone above and beyond any expectations I had for this book! Each new installment in the I-Teams series is better than the first and I know I said I wanted Julian’s babies in my last review, but I am considering having Marc’s now. Hunt just has that affect on my ovaries. Can you blame a girl?

Marc Hunter has lived through hell. He lost six years of his life, rotting away behind bars for a crime he would without a doubt commit again. With his lethal good looks and his deadly charm, Marc is a force to be reckoned with. Ms. Clare writes the most amazing heroes in her novels but I think Hunter tops them all. There are so many facets to his personality. One of the best things I loved about him was the fact that he had honor. Even with his status as a convicted murderer, he still had a sense of right and wrong that I respected a lot. Furthermore, I loved his sense of hope and his live-in-the-moment attitude. In the bleakest of times, he doesn’t become brooding and tortures himself over things he has no control of. Instead, he makes the best of what he has and never forgets the gift of the present he is living in.

And then there’s Sophie Alton who has become my favourite heroine of this entire series! I adored her from the get-go and loved her faith in Hunt. The prologue was so brilliantly crafted that I knew I would be in trouble because I fell so hard for both these characters. Out of the I-Team, Sophie was pretty laid back. But in the spotlight, in her own book, I thought she shined. She was so strong and courageous. What both Hunt and Sophie experience in this book, is both gut-wrenching and heartfelt because even during the toughest of times, they find salvation within each other.

Their love for one another was so believable and potent that …I’ll admit it, I cried a lot during this book! This book has officially become one of my all-time favourites because I will never be the same after reading this. Unlawful Contact tore me to pieces and as corny as it sounds, I will always remember this.

Now, here’s the hard part….finding a book to read after this because nothing will stand up to the masterpiece that this book is. Nothing.

Favourite Quote:
“Well, okay, then.” He leaned back, crossed his arms over his chest, and grinned. “But when you ‘Pistol Pants’ were you referring to my firearm – or my gun?”

This is my Marc Hunter:

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