I remember the days when I used to find Betsy Taylor (yes! her name is Elizabeth Taylor) extremely entertaining! She was cute in her dumb ways, always thinking about shoes, and sales, and somehow stumbling through being the Vampire Queen because, lets face it, she’s never had the skills. But after 8 books and so many events and battles, how can she possibly still be the same Betsy Taylor, if not worst, than during book 1!

Betsy made some good decisions in this book along with some plain terrible ones (how could you put SHOES before the life of your friend, seriously???). The different realities and time travels confused me a bit at the beginning, or maybe it was just Betsy’s head?

And then there’s Sinclair. What happened to the sexy, alpha Vampire King?!?!?!!? It was as if someone cut off his balls in this book.  He kept waiting for Betsy to make decisions and lead them, instead of taking charge of some situations.

The side characters are still funny, Laura, the devil, Jessica, Mark… they all still kept some of the humor in the book.
All I can say is I’ve enjoyed the series a lot, it has provided many laughs, but the time has come for me to just give up.

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  1. I tried the first book in this series. There was nothing wrong with it, but it wasn’t my cup of tea. I’m a tough audience when it comes to humor.

    I hate when a series I like starts to fizzle. So disappointing! You have my sympathy.