“Ophelia broke barriers making her a force to be reckoned with and she is definitely going down as one of my favorite heroines.” ~Under the Covers

Piper Chase-Pierpont is a museum curator in Boston.  She loves her job but as of late it has been a bit unfulfilling.  Her latest exhibit didn’t fare so well with the museum committee but she has other things in mind for her next one, when she comes across something that could make or break her career.

Piper, in one of her long days at work, discovers the memoirs of one of the most famous courtesans London has ever seen and she can’t help but devour every piece of information, especially when this distinguished courtesan is known very well in the States as somewhat of a freedom rights activist for women and slavery.  Seems the life and times of Ms. Ophelia Harrington can also be traced back to the infamous Blackbird of London.  And Piper is going to make sure the true story of this independent and free spirited woman is told to its full potential.

I was absolutely enthralled with this book.  Not only was it well written, but Ophelia was very entertaining.  In the days where women were married off for a small fortune, Ophelia stood alone.  She refused to be married off as a piece of property and she refused for any man to think that they could take her free will and do with her as they pleased.  Having this mind set led her to live the life of a courtesan where she lived as free as she wanted.

Ophelia raised hell and had men begging on their knees for just one night with her.  Not only was she a woman who can control a room with a look alone, she also fought for what she believed in and never let anyone sway her in another direction.

Ophelia broke barriers making her a force to be reckoned with and she is definitely going down as one of my favorite heroines.

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  1. Is this republished? I read this over a year ago as A Courtesan’s Guide to Getting your Man. It was absolutely amazing! One of my absolute keepers.