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ENFORCER by Angela Knight – 3 stars

I haven’t read anything from Knight before this, but have seen her name amongst some of my favorite authors so I decided to read this short story. ENFORCER is part of the Time Hunters series. Immediately, I was intrigued by the world. The hero and heroine Dona and Alerio are genetically engineered Temporaral Enforcers who must investigate a murder. But what’s interesting about it is that it involves, yup – you guessed it –  time-travel! This book was the longest of the short stories and although I was interested in the characters and the world, something didn’t click for me. There is quite a bit of emotional depth in terms of the heroine, but I don’t think it felt fully resolved by the end.

PERFECT MATE by Jennifer Ashley – 3.5 stars

I was most looking forward to this story by Ashley from her Shifters Unbound series. This is a romance between Cormac, a bear shifter and single mother, Nell. You may know Cormac from HARD MATED. There is a good balance of danger and romance in this book. However, I do think the mated thing was done up too much in this book. I feel that the romance would be much stronger if it wasn’t so heavily relied on the fact that they are “meant to be”. But considering how short the story is, I guess it’s excusable.

THE HUNTER’S CABIN by Jean Johnson – 3 stars

Johnson is another new-to-me author. As part of the Vulland Chronicles, ex-prince Kiereseth and Vielle are on the run and take refuge in a snow cabin. This story was my least favorite of the bunch. After researching, this story is apparently a continuation of other free stories on the author’s website. That could be why I felt like something was missing. Reading only part of the story can do that so I figure that if I read those other stories, I’d appreciate this one more. However, that is not to say that it was interesting and the romance was great. If you’re interested in checking out the online series – here you go! http://www.jeanjohnson.net/Vulland.html

NO SURPRISE MORE MAGICAL by Hanna Martine – 4 Stars

This story takes place shortly after A Taste of Ice which is the 2nd installment of The Elementals Series. To Sum it up, the Ofarians and Tendrans are getting use to their new life of full independence from years of lies and control from their elders.David and Kelsey were betroth by their previews leaders, but since the independence for both races, they have decided to end the arrangement. Of course, faith has a funny way of being persistent because these two are given a second chance to find out if what they had was more than just a set up.

Ms. Martine did a fabulous job with enough recap that any reader can enjoy this story without having to read the two previous novels. She also did a fantastic job with giving her hero and heroine a proper HEA in such a short length story. I thoroughly enjoyed this novella and it definitely got me excited for the next full length novel.

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