“UNBEAUTIFUL is the kind of book you cannot get enough of.” ~ Under the Covers

By the cover, UNBEAUTIFUL looks dark and angsty but this book is more than that. Jessica Sorensen has a true talent for writing intriguing characters. She knows just how to lure you in and keep you interested and guessing throughout the book. It’s why for me she rises above other NA authors. She knows what makes a good book and executes it flawlessly in her own.

Emery is a pretty girl through and through but there’s much more to her than a pretty face. As she steps out on her own, disobeying her parent’s desires in order to live a normal life, there are consequences that come with it. As I said, this is a dark book but the suspense plot running through definitely fits Sorensen’s writing style. I found myself glued to the pages wondering what Emery’s secret was and why she was so desperate to get away from her family.

This book does end on a cliffhanger however, it’s one that I didn’t mind. A lot of things go on in this book and the author needed that time to build the suspense and carry it out. If you’ve read Sorensen before, you should know by now how she likes to toy with her reader’s emotions.

The best part of this book for me is Ryler though. There’s something so interesting about his muteness. His silence doesn’t act as a barrier for him though. Yes, there’s a story behind it but he doesn’t weigh him down as much as her previous character’s have. Readers who have read Sorensen’s previous book will know Ryler as Luke’s cousin so both Luke and Violet make cameos that bring a smile to my face.

UNBEAUTIFUL is the kind of book you cannot get enough of. Luckily, Untamed is out so I know what I’ll be reading next!


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  1. Thank you for the review. The cover does make it seem dark. I may wait on this though because of the cliffhanger.