If you take away the hot sex scenes and the explosive chemistry, you have a romance that is rocksteady and perfectly balanced. ~ Under the Covers

Readers first met Woods in the Too Far series by Abbi Glines. Now, Woods Kerrington has his own white hot series called Perfection, which will follow Woods and Della’s journey to falling in love. Going into this book, I already knew Woods and was half in love with him already. So Glines’ next challenge was to introduce a heroine who could stand up to Woods and balance him well.

I thought she did a fantastic job with Della Sloane, an intuitive and slightly innocent girl who needed to escape her dark past and find herself. Woods and Della first meet at a gas station which leads to a smoking hot one night stand that leaves a lasting impression on both of them. Years later, a difficult circumstance brings them back together and this is when the story takes off.

Glines takes a different approach to this book. It’s a little more cruder in tone, bordering on the erotic romance side. While I have no complaints about the intensity and hotness of the crude words Woods uses, I also felt that sometimes it wasn’t that necessary for a particular scene, causing it to feel overdone in places.

We get a deeper look into Woods’ life and the constant pressure his father puts on his shoulders. With an impeding arranged marriage planned out for him, Woods is grasping desperately at anything to help him out of the loveless, sparkles romance. Meeting Della again shows him that he wants something more for himself.

Della’s backstory is a tragic one and that’s what I loved most about this book. If you take away the hot sex scenes and the explosive chemistry, you have a romance that is rocksteady and perfectly balanced. Della is the main reason for that. She has this playfulness about her that makes her charming and fun, but certain things cause her to remember her past and suddenly her PTSD kicks in. It just makes the romance feel more real.

There is a cliffhanger ending but it’s one that I like. It definitely kept me on edge and I’m looking forward to learning about what happens next in SIMPLE PERFECTION!


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  1. Woods is one of my favorite characters when I read in Too Far,and I’m glad that Abbi Glines gave us his story 🙂
    I hope that soon I’ll manage to read both books of Woods story 🙂