“There wasn’t anything wrong with this book, the main problem I had with it was that it never captured or maintained my interest”
~ Under the Covers

Maxwell Turner has been in love with Natasha Bellingham for a while, however, due to their age difference she refuses to see him as anything more than a friend. So, when she drunkenly confesses to him one night that she is planning to have a baby via artificial insemination, he knows he has got to stop her. After all, she has a man right here willing to give her anything she wants, including children, all he has to do is convince her…

Before I start this review, I’m giving you a disclaimer: this isn’t my usual type of book, the blurb didn’t really attract me and apart from certain authors contemporary romance isn’t normally my type of read. I hear you cry “so why the hell did you read it?!”, that’s a fair question, every now and then I like to shake up what I read, tastes change after all and I do sometimes go back and read and enjoy something I never thought I would. Hence, this book, it was an experiment. Sadly for me it wasn’t a very successful one.

There wasn’t anything wrong with this book, the main problem I had with it was that it never captured or maintained my interest, if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s quite short I doubt I would have finished it. Just out of boredom. But, I did finish it and I know other girls on the blog really like Vivian Arend, which I why I added that disclaimer at the beginning of this review.

Max, the hero was ten years younger than Tasha, the heroine – 24 to her 34, however, although that is an obstacle in the book, what they really need to over come is Tasha’s mistrust of men and her fear that she isn’t lovable. A matter that Max, by the end of the book, by being incredibly, sickeningly perfect and sweet, has managed to put to rest. They were nice together, however, I felt like I was missing something that I had missed an essential step in their romance, they went from friends to old married couple in a matter of pages. It almost felt like I was halfway through a long series and I had missed a lot of back story.

As I said, this wasn’t my type of read and I won’t be in a rush to read the other book in this series, this experiment in trying new things was definitely a failure!


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