“Sexy and has definitely left me wanting to read more of Purgatory Masters.  He (Tucker) was all kinds of ruggedly sexy” ~Under the Covers

There’s just something sexy about a big, tough Dom who also happens to frequent a kink club.  In this case, Tucker Lewis is part owner of Purgatory.  A well kept secret in a small town where he grew up.  But he’s stayed away from the club and the lifestyle for a while only to have his childhood crush drag him out to play.

Maggie had left her hometown, married, and was for all practical purposes…unhappy.  Now with her divorce behind her, she’s back home and confronting a few things in her life.  Writing a book about what she’s been through with the media and her very public divorce, and dealing with her sexual wants to be a submissive.  Who would’ve thought that Tucker, the boy that kissed her one time and left an impression, would be the hot Dom to explore those feelings with.

I really liked the premise of high school friends and crush turned to lovers.  Tucker was very forward in his affections with Maggie and didn’t let her hide at all.  But as much as he kept saying he was going to take things slow, he marched on full force.  A bit too much too fast, maybe?

If I had to pick, I’d say Tucker was my favorite character because he was all kinds of ruggedly sexy.  Maggie on the other hand got on my nerves at times.  Just a bit.  Tucker managed to be sexy and firm, all while still respecting her.

I think the conflict could’ve been handled a little better as it felt a bit thrown in there because there had to be some.  In the end though, TUCKER’S FALL was sexy and has definitely left me wanting to read more of Purgatory Masters….and actually go back and finish reading the Purgatory series, which I forgot about!

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  1. Thanks for the review – I’ll have to add both the Purgatory and the Purgatory Masters series to my reading list