Military men can sometimes become jaded since they have seen and done so much.  Trey is a bit like that but he has a best friend that still is fun and flirty and hopeful about life.

Jack has been crushing on Carly, the bartender at the local club him and Trey have been going to when they are home from assignment.  Jack has been trying to get her to pay attention to him without any success.  Trey has always been the silent partner, not interfering but somehow paying attention to the details.  And, maybe not consciously, wanting and falling for Carly right along Jack.

Then they are both called back in for a very important mission. Jack’s brother, Jimmy’s cover was blow while on a very important mission and now Trey needs to go in to not only rescue Jimmy but bring down the bad guy.  It’s a matter on national security and the success of their operation.

But they need a woman to complete Trey’s cover while going in and Carly fits the bill.  So while they play at being husband and wife and try to fulfill their duties, they are also faced with their true attraction and things they’ve both wanted for a while.

This was a short story and I loved the characters Ms. Johnson introduced us.  This may not have been the perfect setup story for Trey and Carly to get together in my mind and of course I was thinking about Jack getting hurt the whole time, which interfered with my enjoyment of this.  But that’s life and yes Trey and Carly worked together perfectly. Now I just hope that Jack gets the same HEA, the great one he deserves.

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