“…this world is just so much fun to be in.”
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When I read the first book, MYSTIC CITY, years ago I was so enthralled with the concept of this series and the post apocalyptic style world set in New York City.  All of that was completely new and original and I couldn’t wait to dive in to the next one.  But yes, I ended up waiting because I am spoiled and I wanted to read the audiobook, which didn’t release with the actual book.

Once I cracked this open, I was very excited to be back in this world and I had no trouble jumping right back into the action.  Even after years!  What I quickly realized though was that there were things in this one that kept nagging me.  And one thing I don’t remember from the first was feeling that the characters were incredibly immature.  Yes, I know they are teenagers.  But somehow I didn’t remember them acting so much like ones in the first one.  That is one main complain I have with this one (especially this one scene where a group is facing off with the bad guy, I won’t spoil it but ….. Ugghhhhhh I wanted to kill everyone!).

Another surprise was the main romance in this book.  We came to love Hunter and Aria in book one and in this one….not so much.  I actually hated Hunter and I have to admit although I’m not a fan of love triangles, I was hoping for some action with Turk because I ended up really liking him!  Aria seemed more grounded and level headed than Hunter.  And the way this ends, well that’s not enough Hunter!

Overall, the storyline was a bit slow and I found myself getting distracted quite a bit.  However, the things we learned about the Mystics were really interesting and still show me that this world is just so much fun to be in.  I for one need to know what happens next after the ending of this book and to see who Aria will eventually end up with, so I will continue reading!




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