Avry of Kazan is tired of running. After being on the run for the last 3 years she is almost relieved when she is caught, as a Healer she is hated by almost the whole population of the Fifteen Realms, blamed for a plague that killed millions of people. But the night before her execution help comes from unexpected quarters as she is rescued but then taken prisoner by Kerrick and his loyal gang of men, only he doesn’t want to hand her in for gold, he wants her to heal his Prince.

I am in two minds about this book on one hand it was a great read, it had a great adventure, a likable heroine, a band of merry men and the exaspsrating yet sexy Kerrick. The story was interesting and the new world that Snyder has created had some unique elements. However, there stems the problem, its uniqueness. I have read this book before, only it is called Poison Study, this book reminds me so much of the Study series, especially the relationship between Kerrick and Avry, it seemed like she had gotten Posion Study out changed the name of the characters and the places, scrambled things around a little and voila! You have Touch of Power.

Having said that I did enjoy Posion Study so therefore I also enjoyed this book. Yelena Avry was smart and resourceful and I admired her strength of will, and I loved the relationships the other characters had with one another, especially the band of men that Kerrick led, the banter between them often had me grinning, they were like a family.

The fantasy setting was also good, I liked the world the Snyder is building up, after being ravaged by Plague the world is slowly beginning to right itself and there are massive power struggles going on to see who will end up King of the land, unfortunatley for Avry, she has walked straight into these struggles and is now in the centre of it all. But the power plays and manuvering of the various factions is what has kept this book interesting.

This is a great read and if you liked her Study series or Graceling then this is the book for you.

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  1. Great review! I haven’t read it yet, but I can’t wait to! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it and Maria’s other books.

  2. i love this idea of people gifted with the healing power and i understand why some would think them dangerous ( humans being can be so ignorant sometimes and are afraid of what they don’t understand)

    i really want to read this