I was so excited to read this because, well, I’ll admit, I’m a cover ho. And just look at that cover! Yeah, pretty drool worthy. So that was my sole reason for wanting to read this book. Bad, France!I had never read this author so I didn’t know what to expect and I think I got lucky that I needed a fluffy read at the moment, so this came at the right time.

The one thing I liked a lot about the book is the original concept of centering the series around a cooking reality show competition.  Lets face it, it’s all about reality TV lately and it’s made it into our books!

Jules was best friends growing up with Danny Lunden and in love with his older brother Max. She had a rough childhood, father was never in her life, mom always in and out of relationships, until she leaves home at 17 and the Lunden family takes her in.

Max has a care-free attitude from the beginning, which at times can come across as him being a jerk. He is just a lost soul, he doesn’t know what he wants, can’t communicate with the people around him and quite frankly doesn’t understand himself.  So he wanders looking for that ever elusive feeling of home.

When he comes to back help out with the competition Jules, having had a huge crush on him, can’t resist him. Even though she is a bit damaged by her past.  I think she was my least favorite character in the book, I felt at times she was just there, letting life happen to her.

This book also has a secondary romance story, if you can call it that. I felt that was a bit of a waste. It feels more like a hookup, all the leading up to it and then we get even cheated out of seeing what happens.

Like I said, it’s a fluffy read. So if that’s what you’re in the mood for then you should read this!

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  1. That cover keeps drawing my eye at every site I see it so I pass no judgment. (-;

    I’m glad to see your review because now my curiosity about what is inside the cover is satisfied too.

    Thanks for the post!