I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was okay it also wasn’t awful. ~ Under the Covers

Rose Devlin has moved to California to start a new life and help her best friend through her very unexpected and very unplanned pregnancy. However, her new life in California isn’t going as well as she hoped and so she takes up her geeky and socially inept neighbour-next-door, Mark’s offer of finding her a job in the technology company he works for. But Mark seems to be getting under her skin and the neighbour she though of as a massive geek, is turning into the man of her dreams. 

I normally love a book with a plus sized heroine in it, it gives me hope that my sexy geek next door is just waiting to pounce on me, alas this book did not give me that waiting-to-be-pounced-on feeling. Instead, I was hate that vaguely-confused-and-irritated feeling. 

The romance between Mark and Rose was okay, I never really felt they had much chemistry but it wasn’t awful. Individually, I didn’t mind Rose or Mark. I especially liked Mark, particularly at the beginning of the book, he was sweet and dorky, but through out the book he just seemed to morph into a typical romance hero, which was a shame, I preferred him as sweet ‘n shy. 

Honestly, I am having trouble writing a review for this book, as although I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was okay it also wasn’t awful. I found it a little bit boring and I found I was reading this just to reach the end, rather than because I was getting any enjoyment. 

This book wasn’t for me, I was expecting this to be funny and romantic, but unfortunately, for me, I found it neither of these things and instead found it to be a very forgettable kind of read.

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  1. Thanks for the review – it is what it is – sometimes a book just doesn’t live up to our expectations or hopes:)