“… I was reading on in near indifference …”
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This is why you should never walk into a series half way through. Nothing good ever happens. As I was reading the story of the poor overlooked heroine and the charming rake, normally the type of story I love, and was the very reason I picked this book up, I found my mind drifting. Drifting to the other characters and couples in the series whose story I hadn’t read. I found I was more curious about what had happened with them, then I was with the romance I was currently knee deep in.

Which is why I must underscore this point: nothing good ever comes out of starting a series at book number five. Suddenly book number one, two, three and four seem to look more interesting. Or at least this did in this case. As the story wore on I found the heroine a little silly and the hero a little boring, which meant I wasn’t invested in them at all I was reading on in near indifference wondering about what had happened before.

This book wasn’t a hit with me and although I was curious about the other characters, I am not curious enough to give the rest of this series a try.


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  1. Love the cover!!!,I don’t know how many new books that I have not read right away,because it was a series,I want to know back story’s on any returning characters.thanks for the review!!

  2. It’s rare that I start a series mid series even if the description says it can be read as a standalone.