Alexander MacDonald has sworn he will never marry and certainly never fall in love; after a childhood spent in a house where his parent hate each other, he vows he will never do the same. However, that doesn’t stop him from enjoying a woman, as long as she wants no more then a night, and he is well known for his philandering ways. The beautiful Glynis MacNeil has also sworn never to marry again, her first husband was a brute who humiliated her and she would never go through that again; no matter what her father says. Both their resolves are tested as they are thrown together and find themselves drawn to each other and they start considering the unthinkable. Marriage.This is my first Margaret Mallory book and although I wasn’t blown away by it I did really enjoy it. Especially the parts with Alex….nekkid…. how can I resist a hot Highland warrior?

This was essentially a reformed rake story, only Highlander style, and I enjoyed reading as the very stubborn main characters, Alex and Glynnis, fell in love. They were both very likable characters, Alex was charming and gallant and although he was a womanizer he wasn’t as intense and complicated as rakes can often be portrayed, and Glynnis was strong minded and beautiful. You could feel the connection between them and see how it grew through the book as although they were instantly attracted to each other, it was great to see it grow into a friendship and deepened in to love.

This book also had a little action and although there wasn’t really much of a plot that wasn’t directly about the romance, it had enough adventure in it to appease my bloodlust. You could also tell it was a well researched book, although I am definitely no expert on Scottish history, there was a depth about the settings and characters surrounding the main couple as well as mentions of the political climate of the time as to give it the air of authenticity.

The reason this gets 3.5 stars and not 4 or 5 is that although I did like it, I found it a little slow to start and it took me a good 100 pages to get into it. Also, although I liked the characters and the romance which was sweet and sexy, it also wasn’t something extraordinary or original. But it was well written and fun to read, and I will be reading more of Margaret Mallory’s book in the future.

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