“Page-turner and addicting.” ~Under the Covers

There are a few things that are very clear to me after finishing this book:

  1. I will religiously read anything Tessa Dare writes because she is now one of my favorite historical authors.  Why?  Because I have LOVED everything she’s written that I’ve read, period.  No questions about it.  Her books are always page-turners and addicting for me.  I feel that I get so involved in the story, thanks to her wonderful writing, that it’s as if I’m attending the balls and getting in adventures with the characters.
  2. She can write the best characters!  The heroine AND hero of this story are both so amazing.  No wilting flowers here, but not excessively feisty either.  Eliza Cade is the perfect blend of what I like in a heroine.  She starts off young and bubbly.  She’s loyal to friends and family.  When she figures out what she wants, she goes after it.
  3. I realize that although we all love the bad boy hero, there’s something better…the bad boy hero who is really a good boy at heart.  Mr. Wright surprised me in the end and I couldn’t help but want one of my own.
  4. The woman has a talent for short stories.  This is really an art.  It’s not easy to write a short story about characters we’ve never heard about, about lives we’ve never cared for before, and make us fall in love and immerse ourselves in just a short 100 pages.  This is now the second time that Tessa Dare rocks with a short story that I’ve read.
  5. I can’t help but LOVE the title.  Even though I usually can’t remember it. 🙂

Are those enough reasons why you should read this book?

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. Francesca,
    You know that I usually don’t read historical romance–it’s just not my fave. But seeing that you reviewed this AND gave it 5 feathers? You are tempting me to check it out. Like I need to buy another book–UGH! But your review is written so well, that I might have to break down and buy this. I have never read any of Tessa Dare’s books…you had me at bad boy with a good heart…

    1. As far as I know it’s not. It was previously published in the anthology THREE WEDDINGS AND A MURDER, published back in May of this year. No I didn’t read the anthology just this short now that it was released as an independent story. It isssssss good!

  2. Yes, and must to say all covers that I’ve seen from book by Tessa Dare are amazing!
    Definitely,this series go on my wish-list!

    Thanks for the wonderful review Francesca! 🙂