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Review: The Sacrifice by Evangeline Anderson
The Sacrifice
Book Info

Released: August 30, 2012
Genre: BDSM, Erotic Romance
Pages: 244


Emma Kirst is a dud in the supernatural community, meaning she has zero magic, unlike her beautiful cousins she has never been able to work a spell. So when the yearly sacrifice has to be made, which involves a year of service to the Sovereign, the vampire the rules their area, she knows she will never be picked, it is always the most powerful and the most beautiful woman, things that she is neither of. But Aidan James, the new Sovereign, does chose her, and he is determined that she submit completely to him and has the cane and clamps to get the job done.

I just need to cool down a second before I start writing a review, this was hot! If things like a sexy vampire who knows exactly wield a paddle and some nipple clamps gets you all riled up then you will be feeling exactly the same way once you have finished reading this book.

I love a BBW heroine, as a woman who could do with losing a pound (or ten) I can relate to exactly how Emma felt with Aidan, if a sexy man asked me to strip and parade around naked with only a collar for cover up I would be asking when his last eye test was, so Emma’s reluctance was completely understandable. Which, made Aidan’s persistence even sexier and he was already pretty damn gorgeous to start with. Together though, they had great chemistry, the sexual tension between them was thick and I enjoyed reading every delicious thing that they did.

This book is heavy on the BDSM though, so if you don’t like that this probably won’t be for you; Aidan was Master and watching Emma slowly come round to submit to him was incredibly hot. But, I also felt they had a good emotional connection as well, and although this book was obviously heavy on the erotic and romantic aspect and the plot was used as a tool to develop the romance it didn’t feel like a bunch of sex scenes glued together to make a haphazard romance.

Another great book from Evanageline Anderson it was sexy, funny, with some really likeable characters and I would recommend to anyone looking for a hot read.

*Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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  1. It sounds like a very hot, intense, pleasurable read… Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it, your review made me extremely curious!
    *Beautiful cover*

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